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  If you are a regular visitor to our web site, you may want to check here first for any site updates or additions. Also included will be new web site designed and hosted by WaltBren Computing, LLC.

Site Updates

April 2005: Christian Viewpoint a blog added.

March 2005: Updated our forum page.

January 2005: Overhauled and trimmed our Christian Link Directory of bad and questionable links.

November 2004: New updated format for Christian Classifieds

October 2004: New Christian Forums added to site.

September 2004: Added  to the Christian Ebooks Collection:

  •  Life After Death
  •  Talking In Tongues Explained
  •  HIV/AIDS Healed by the Power of God

September 2004: Added new Christian Gifts and Products section featuring etched mirrors and glass decor wall hanging mirrors, wall hanging coat racks, and glass living room tables

September 2004: Added several new categories to our free Christian Classified Ads:

  •  Christian Gift Ideas
  •  Christian Dating & Singles Services

September 2004: Added new Bible Study Tools and Aids section

  •  Added to the Bible Study Tools and Aids, the monthly columns of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, co-hosts of TV show "The Way Of The Master"

August 2003: Improved hosting features added

May 2003: Added Pastoral - Ministry Opportunities category to Classifieds

May 2003: Incorporated spam bots anti-spam software that defeats the spam-bots from harvesting email addresses.

April 2003: Added Media and Computer Related categories to Classifieds.

March 2003: Addition of Christian Ebooks for sale via PayPal. More will be added on a regular schedule.

March 2003: Premium Ads is a  new feature designed to deliver more action to your ad. Your Ad will be listed in the first section in your chosen category. For only $12.00, you will get a Premium listing for 40 days. That is just 30˘ per day.

Pay with check, money order, or PayPal.
Our long running Free Classifieds will still be offered.
Sign Up For The Premium or Free Classifieds

December 2002: Christian Classifieds section redesigned with more pages for easier access of the Ad pages.

January 2002: Due to a hard drive and database crash this November 2001, the Christian Resource Directory lost much of its data. But, since then I have been reconstructing the database with the robot and with previously archived information. If you had submitted a site previously to November 2001 and do not find your listing please resubmit your site. Those who had submitted a listing since November 2001, your listing should have been included

August 2001: New logo design introduced.

July 7, 2001: Site and web search engine installed.

May 25, 2001: New FREE Christian Classifieds for Christians who have an need, who have something to sell, or something to announce.

March 24, 2001: New Christian Resource Directory

Our Web Design/Hosting Portfolio

Christian Sites

House Church - Bible Study
A non-denominational Spirit led informal bible study that meets regularly every month. This bible study looks at the Word in  a perspective you may never thought of.
Dear Pat
A hand-sized booklet of true stories of the tangible touch of God in the lives of His children. The first edition has six stories.
Christian Viewpoint
A weblog on addressing the issues of society and today's church.

Christian Forums
Everyone is invited to our Christian community. Jojin our discussions on topics dealing with Christianity and other related topics.

Commercial Sites

WaltBren Computing, LLC
Parent company and owner of ChurchWebStop.

PC Web Hosting
New hosting company owned and operated by WaltBren Computing, LLC

B.O.A.T.S Marine Center
Come see why our marine dealership is an award winning ‘Super Service’ dealership. B.O.A.T.S. focus is to make sure all your boating experiences are enjoyable, because you and your boat are very important to us.

CT Valley Fence
CT Valley Fence specializes in pool and property enclosures utilizing quality cedar, PVC-vinyl, aluminum, iron, and chain link and privacy materials.

About Ebooks
Free Ebooks, Ebooks for sale, ebook software. Increase your internet marking skills and increase sales with About Ebooks.

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