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Prayers of Jesus

Prayers of Jesus

Do we pray enough? Are we always too tired? Too busy?

Jesus led by example and we should follow that example

In this report we will be looking at the prayers that Jesus offered up to the Father.

As you go through the Scriptures you will quite often find where the Lord Jesus Christ himself went apart from the crowd, went into his own private place and prayed. We read Scriptures where he got up a great while before morning… We read scriptures where he prayed all night… We read Scriptures where he went up into a mountain place to pray alone.

And we as human beings, whether we be in the Lord or not, are basically lazy creatures, ill disciplined… and sometimes it doesn’t hurt for us to go back through the basics of Scripture again and realize just how important it is for us to have an effective prayer life.

If it was important for Jesus Christ to pray, who could do all things, who is far greater then you and I… then how much more important is it for us to pray as well?

Now this isn’t going to be a study on prayer as such… there is a lot of Scripture on prayer and how we should be praying but today we will be just looking at the prayers of Jesus Christ himself. And as always he is the captain of our salvation… He led by example and we should follow that example…

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