The Lord Is Always With You.

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The Lord is Always with You
.... As Demonstrated by Joseph

How Many Times Have You Asked The Question... Lord Where Are You?

I want to draw your attention to the similarities between the events that happened to Joseph with those events that happened to the Lord.

The above question is a common one however hopefully the story of Joseph (of the coat of many colors fame) will inspire you to greater heights and leave you full of the knowledge that the Lord is ALWAYS with you.

The story of Joseph is a story of faith, courage, betrayal, evil, cruelty, love, forgiveness and much, much more.

Do you know that the Lord was with Joseph?

Did you know that Joseph always knew that the Lord was with him?

Did you know that through every part of Joseph's life he received blessing from God?

Yes... God was always with him!

Yet Joseph was betrayed by his brothers.

He was sold into slavery.

He spent years in prison.

But despite all of those things God was with him and the things that happened to Joseph were all a part of a greater plan to save many others.

Joseph knew this and Joseph remained steadfast through all of the above ordeals until eventually he became Prime Minister of Egypt. Second in power only to Pharaoh.

So the question is - Do you know that God has a plan for you?

Do you realize that the things you may be going through now may result in many others being saved?

Or do you throw the towel in at the first sign of opposition?

The question shouldn't be - Is God with us?


The question should be - Are we with God?

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