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With this ebook you will have access to the following authors and topics:

The Training Of The Twelve

Andrew Murray
Absolute Surrender
Lord's Table
New Life - Words of God for Young Disciples
School of Obedience
The Deeper Christian Life
The True Vine
With Christ in the School of Prayer

Andrew Thomson
Life of Doctor Owen

Arthur W. Pink
Anti Christ
Comfort for Christians
Divine Inspiration of the Bible
Doctrine of Justification
Godhood of God
Law and the Saint
The Redeemers Return
Why Four Gospels

B. T. Roberts
Life and Work of B. T. Roberts

Blaise Pascal

Brother Lawrence
Practicing the Presence

Brother Ugolino
Little Flowers of St Francis of Assisi

 C.H. Spurgeon
A Sermon in Candles
A Defense of Calvinism
Advice for Seekers
All of Grace
Apart- a sermon
Baptismal Regeneration
Beginning at Jerusalem
Caution to the Presumptuous
Cheer up my Comrades
Christ's First and Last Subject
Claims of God
Coming Judgement of the Secrets
Commenting and Commentaries
Compel Them To Come
In Constant Instant Expectation
Defense of Calvinism
Earnest Expostulation
Earnest Warning about Lukewarmness
Faith and Repentance Inseparable
Faiths Checkbook
Figs and Olive Berries
For Whom Did Christ Die
Free Will a Slave
Gods Goodness leading to Repentance
Gracious Dismissal
Heart of the Gospel
Help for your Sickness
Horns of the Altar
Human Inability
Immeasurable Love
Intercessory Prayer
Is Conversion Necessary?
Israel and Britain - A Word of Warning
Morning and Evening
Not Saved
Till He Comes
Time is Short
Two Essential Things
Visit To Christ's Hospital
Voice Behind Thee

Charles Finney
Backslider in Heart
Lectures of Professing Christians Part 1
Lectures of Professing Christians Part 2
Lectures of Professing Christians Part 3
Power From on High
Revival Fire
Revivals of Religion Part 1
Revivals of Religion Part 2
Revivals of Religion Part 3
Revivals of Religion Part 4
Revivals of Religion Part 5
Revivals of Religion Part 6
Systematic Theology Part 1
Systematic Theology Part 2
Systematic Theology Part 3
Systematic Theology Part 4
Systematic Theology Part 5
Systematic Theology Part 6

Church at Smyrna
Martyrdom of Polycarp

Cleland McAfee
Study of the King James Version

Erasmus In Praise of Folly

Ebenezer Erskine
Robbery Committed

Edmund Garner
Cell of Self Knowledge

Edmund Venables
Life of John Bunyon

Edward M. Bounds
Necessities of Prayer
Possibilities of Prayer

 Ellen G. White
Christ's Object Lessons
Prophets and Kings
Steps to Christ
Acts of the Apostles
The Desire of Ages
The Great Controversy

Eucherius of Lyons
On Contempt for the World

F.B. Meyer
Way into the Holiest-
Expositions of the Epistle to the Hebrews
Our Daily Homily Part 1
Our Daily Homily Part 2
Secret to Guidance 

Flavius Josephus
Antiquities of the Jews

Francois Fenelon
Spiritual Progress 

G.K. Chesterton
Heretics Orthodoxy
What's Wrong with the World

George Fox

George Griffin
Sufferings of Christ

George MacDonald
At the back of the North Wind
Day Boy and the Night Girl
Hope of the Gospel
Miracles of Our Lord
The Light Princess
Unspoken Sermons Series 1
Unspoken Sermons Series 2
Unspoken Sermons Series 3

George Smith
Life of William Carey 

H.A. Ironside
Excerpt of a Commentary on Revelation

Hannah Whitall Smith
God of all Comfort
Secret of a Happy Life

Harriet Cook
Bible Animals

Henry Drummond
A Life for a Life and more
Ascent of Man
Greatest Thing in the World and more
Ideal Life
Natural Law in the Spiritual World
New Evangelism and other Papers
Stones Rolled Away

Henry Suso
Little Book of Eternal Wisdom

Horatius Bonar
Follow the lamb
Gods way of Peace
Gospel of the Spirits Love

The Cross

J.H. Jowett
School of Calvary 

J.H. Taylor
Union and Communion 

J.W. McGarvey
Class Notes on Sacred History
Four Fold Gospel
Guide to Bible Study 

Jacob Boehmen
Way to Christ Rent Veil

James Haldane
Doctrine and Duty of Self-Examination
Wisdom of God Displayed in the Mystery of Redemntion

Jeremy Taylor
Holy Living
Holy Dying

John Bunyan
Advice to Sufferers
Barren Fig Tree
Book for Boys and Girls
Bunyan Case of Conscience Resolved
Christ a Complete Saviour
Christian Behavior
Come and Welcome to Jesus Christ
Discourse of the House of the Forest of Lebanon
Discourse Touching Prayer
Discourse Upon the Pharisee and the Publican
Doctrine of Law and Grace
Unfolded Exposition of the First Ten Chapters of Genesis
Grace Abounding
Greatness of the Soul
Holy City
Holy War
Jerusalem Sinner Saved
Justification by an Imputed Righteousness
Of Antichrist and his Ruin
One Thing Is Needful
Pilgrims Progress
Reprobation Asserted
Resurrection of the Dead and Eternal Judgement
Saints Knowledge of Christs Love
Saved by Grace
Sighs From Hell
Strait Gate
Treatise of the Fear of God
Water of Life
Work of Jesus Christ as an Advocate


John Calvin
Institutes of the Christian Religion, Book 1
Institutes of the Christian Religion, Book 2
Institutes of the Christian Religion, Book 3
Institutes of the Christian Religion, Book 4
On the Chistian Life 

John Donne
Deaths Duel
Deaths Duel - Bod
Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions
Preached Upon Easter-Day

John Flavel
Christ Altogether Lovely
Fountain of Life
Life of the late Rev. Mr. John Flavel
Method of Grace in the Gospel Redemption
On Keeping the Heart

John Milton
Paradise Lost Paradise Regained

John of Ruysbroeck
Adornment Of the Spriitual Marriage

John Owen
Declaration and Vindication of The Doctrine of the Trinity
Doctrine of Justification by Faith
Glory of Christ Part 1
Glory of Christ Part 2
Gospel grounds and evidences of the faith of God's elect
Introduction to the Worship of God
Of Communion with God
Two Catechisms
Vindication of some Passages

John Tauler
Inner Way

John Thornton
Fruits of the Spirit

 John Wesley
141 Sermons
Collection of Hymns
Journal of John Wesley
Plain Account of Christian Perfection

John Woolman
Journal of John Woolman

Jonathon Edwards
Appendix to Mr Brainerds Journal
Brainerds Journal
Edwards Letters and Other Papers of Mr Brainerd
Life and Diary of the Rev David Brainerd
Many Mansions
Notes on the Bible
Religious Affections
Sinners in the hands of an angry God
Treatise on Grace Types of the Messiah
Unpublished Essay on the Trinity

L P Brocket
Bogomils of Bulgaria and Bosnia

Madam Guyon
Autobiography of Madam Guyon

Martin Luther
Commentary on the Epistle to the Galatians
Concerning Christian Liberty
Disputation On the Divinity and Humanity of Christ
Large Catechism
Ninety-five Theses
On Translating
Preface to Romans
Small Catechism
Table Talk
Theologia Germanica Treatise on Good Works

Miguel de Molinos
Spiritual GUIDE

Peter T Forsyth
Soul of Prayer
Work of Christ

Philip Doddridge
Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul

Six Enneads

R A Torrey
How to Pray
Revival Addresses

Ralph Erskine
Gospel Humiliation
Word of Salvation
Sent to Sinners

Richard Hooker
Learned Discourse of Justification

Richard Rolle
Fire of Love and the Mending of Life

Robert Traill
Gods Grace in Justifing the Sinner
Sermons Concerning the Throne of Grace

Sadhu Sundar Singh
At the Masters Feet

Samuel Rutherford
Selection from his Letters

Sir Thomas Browne
Religio Medici

Soren Kierkegaard Diapsalmata
Fear and Trembling
Preparation for a Christian Life
Present Moment

St Augustine
Confessions- Outler
Confessions- Pusey
Enchiridion On Faith
Hope and Love 

St Benedict
Benedict Rule 

St Catherine of Genoa
Life and Doctrine of St Catherine of Genoa

St Catherine of Siena
Dialog of St Catherine of Siena

St Ephraim of Syria
Pearl- Seven Hymns on the Faith

St Francis of Sales
Devout Life 

St Ignatius of Loyola
Spiritual Exercises

St Irenaeus
Demonstration of the Apostolic Preaching

St John of the Cross
Ascent of Mount Carmel
Dark Night of the Soul
Spiritual Canticle of the Soul

St Patrick

St Teresa of Avila
Interior Castle
Life of St Teresa of Jesus
Way of Perfection

Stephen Charnock
Cleansing Virtue of Christs Blood
Efficient of Regeneration
Efficient of Regeneration Part 2
God s Being the Author of Reconciliation
Nature of Regeneration
Necessity Of Regeneration
Word, the Instrument of Regeneration

Thomas Boston
Come Unto Me All Ye That Labour

Thomas Chalmers
Fury Not in God

Thomas Kempis
Imitation of Christ

Thomas Shepard
Change Of The Sabbath

Thomas Watson
Art of Divine Contentment
Divine Cordial
Ten Command- ments
The Lords Prayer

Thomas Wilcox
Honey Out of the Rock

Cloud of Unknowing
Kneeling Christian

W M Ramsay
St Paul the Traveler and the Roman Citizen

W R Inge
Light Life and Love

Walter Marshall
Christ Receiveth Sinners

Watchman Nee
Normal Christian Life

William Guthrie
Christian s Great Interest

William Law
Appeal to All that Doubt
Collection of Letters
Demonstration of the Errors of a Late Book
Grounds and Reasons of Christian Regeneration
Humble, Affectionate, and Earnest Address to the Clergy
Of Justification by Faith and Works
Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life
Spirit of Prayer
The Spirit of Love
Way to Divine Knowledge

William Reid
Blood of Jesus

William Romaine
Self-Existence of Jesus Christ 


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